Our board members for 2018 are:

President: Mike D.

Vice-President: Brenda R.

Secretary: Gina H.


Members-at-large: Sandy B., Ricky B., Ken G.

How we came to be

For years, we met at Henry O's, one of the best little bars in Gainesville. Dark and a little seedy, it fit us well.   Henry Ward, the owner, generously took us in and even built a meeting room that I'm certain was for our benefit. He booked Sunny Jim there, and Peter Mayer and his band did a show there. Sadly, Henry decided to retire and sold the bar and we had to hunt for a new meeting place.


It took awhile. We shuffled around for a year or so, then a club member found us a new home at Mellow Mushroom. We've been loving it there since.


It hasn't all been all fun and games. Or maybe it has, because although community service projects are an integral part of our club, we always have a good time doing them.  Here is a list of the first 10 years-  Stuff we did the first ten years



PO Box 1201

Gainesville, GA 30503