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                China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) Project

                Projects > China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) Project

                China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) Project

                The new China International Exhibition Center is specially tailored for the exhibition industry. Its functions have reached the first-class level of the construction of international professional exhibition halls, and it is the largest and top professional exhibition hall in China. Each exhibition hall can independently host small exhibitions, but also connect to each other through internal corridors, which is conducive to hosting large-scale exhibitions. The first phase of the China International Exhibition Center's new hall has a construction area of 431,000 square meters, of which the exhibition hall and its auxiliary facilities have a construction area of 200,000 square meters; the hotel, office buildings and commercial service facilities have a construction area of 185,000 square meters. After the completion of the first phase of the project, the floor area of the exhibition hall will reach 100,000 square meters. The steel structure of the first phase of the exhibition hall was produced and installed by our company, and it was officially put into use in March 2008.